Developing and Improving Farm Management System

Whilst a significant amount of Government resources have been spent on diversification of agriculture, developing and improving farm management practices in the rural areas is an area that still needs attention.

In Central Asia many farmers work assumption based and not data based. The farmers do not apply basic agribusiness practices like business plan writing, annual budgeting, cash flow planning and record keeping. They have a general idea about the economic performance of their farms, but often lack a clear economic picture on their farm.

This is due to the fact that most of the time farming is a family run business and is inherited from one generation to another. Sometimes this kind of farm management practice hinders the implementation of up to dated agriculture practices, as it is difficult to reject or change family beliefs and the farming principles that has been in dominance in decades.

Therefore to introduce successful farm management principles, within the framework of EU funded Project “Sustainable Development in Rural Areas of Uzbekistan” a specialized “Fruit Agri-Business Training” was conducted in Kashkadarya, Jizzak, Syrdarya, Fergana and Namangan provinces with the participation of 140 farmers. The trainings were lead by an International Business Development Expert from Netherlands, Mr.Nicolas Evers.

The trainings were designed to improve the business knowledge and skills of the farmers. The trainings covered the following topics:

  • New innovations fruit agri business (case study of the Netherlands Fruit sector);
  • Business plan writing;
  • Developing financial sheets for business plan;
  • Cost price calculations;
  • Farm operation record keeping;
  • Comparing different agri business strategies (conventional and intensive farming systems);
  • Establishing Farmer Cooperatives and Farmer Cooperative management best practices.

Overall the training was very well accepted by the farmers and it was obvious that the trainings served as a motivation to number of farmers to start keeping data on their farms in order to better know their farm performance, better manage their cash flow and be better prepared for future investments.

The knowledge and skills received during the training will help farmers better understand how to analyze and improve their current or future business model and how to develop a (basis) business plan (including financial budgets) for their farm. This will help them in growing their profit, improving their (technical) farming activities and in finding credit for investments.

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