Field Training Seminars on Potato Production

EU funded project "Sustainable Development in Rural Areas of Uzbekistan" organized field training seminars on “Potato Production” in the Andijan region during the September 2017 visit of the potato expert Michel Malet (ADECIA, France).

The participants consisted of various local stakeholders, including teachers, technicians, farmers partners etc. Discussions focused on the vitro multiplication process in the field and on the selection program. Other questions mainly focused on the physiology and fertilization of the potato, especially the use of organic fertilizer and the non-use of potassium hydroxide (lye) (important element for the proper tubers development).

In the 1st Field Training a dozen potato producers and 3 technicians were present, where the expert presented and explained how to recognize and identify all the parasites or foliar symptoms encountered. In the 2nd Field Training 45 people were present on the Nanamgan plot. The questions addressed the fertilizer problems of fertilization and the application of these in the time of cultivation. A round of the plots has been done to explain and give criteria for the recognition of pests (Moths, Wolves) and diseases (Botrytis, Virus) by the expert.