Improving capacity of veterinarians on artificial insemination

In the framework of the livestock/dairy section of the Component-1 and 2 of the EU funded project "Sustainable Development in Rural Areas of Uzbekistan", during 29th of November - 4th of December 2017 a training course for 20 veterinarians and technicians was organized at the Andijan Agricultural Institute to improve their artificial insemination success rate skills.

The course will advance the knowledge and technical skills of veterinarians. The veterinarians will increase their inseminations’ success rate generating a surplus of calves that can be sold on the market or to replace cows. The project will provide a modern kit of insemination for each participant that will pass the course. One modern ultrasound scan for early pregnancy detection will be made available to veterinarians during the training.

Participants learned:

  • Modern artificial insemination methods
  • Biology, physiology, and breeding of cows
  • How to choose the best bull and how to involve the farmer/dehkan in the decision
  • Conventional semen, genomic semen and sexed semen
  • How to detect early pregnancy using the modern ultrasound scan detector
  • Modern management of dairy farms
  • Animal health and welfare

At the end of the course the participants that have attended more than 80% of the course and passed a final exam received certificates of proficiency.