New Pomegranate Production Technologies

Within the framework of the EU funded Project “Sustainable Development in Rural Areas of Uzbekistan” with the assistance of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Khokimiyat of the Syrdarya Region and the Gulistan State University, a seminar on "Modern Pomegranate Production Technologies" was held in Gulistan city, Sirdarya region.

The event was attended by teaching staff, young scientists and students of Gulistan state University, representatives of agribusiness, farmers of Tashkent city, Tashkent and Kashkadarya regions, as well as farmers of Sirdarya region, including members of co-operative "Dehkonobod asl anori" from Mirzabad district of Syrdarya region, which is a district specializing in the production of fruits and vegetables.

The training was conducted by Costas Grigoriu, an international expert from Cyprus, who shared his experience and knowledge on proper selection of varieties of pomegranate and land for the creation of a pomegranate orchard, carrying out measures for pruning trees, and creating a pomegranate nursery. Also, he introduced participants to the internationally recognized varieties of pomegranate, the rules of growing and storing seedlings and fruits of pomegranate.

Special attention was paid to the issues of pest and disease control, as well as the technology of growing pomegranate in difficult conditions, including the creation of a garden on heavily saline land, the preservation of pomegranate fruits and trees from excessive sun and sudden severe frosts.