Study visit to France- Potato sector development

One of the working area of the EU funded project "Sustainable Rural Development in Uzbekistan", is the development of potato value chain in Andijan and Namangan regions. The main implementing agency of activities is the French Agency for the Development of International Cooperation in the Field of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development (ADECIA). Currently, four demonstration sites were established within the project. One demonstration site was established on the basis of the Research Institute of Vegetable Growing, Potato and Melon Crops and three sites on the basis of private farms in Jalakuduk and Kurgantepe (Andijan region) and in the Yangikurgan district (Namangan region).

Starting from 2017, all four demo plots were planted with a total of 4.5 tons of potatoes seed of 7 varieties imported from France. Moreover, within the framework of the project, a series of training sessions on technologies for harvesting, storing and processing potatoes, as well as soil preparation, fertilization and pest control had been organized by French expert, Mr. Michel Malet from National federation of the potatoes plants producers (FN3PT).

Further, in the period from 19 to 26 of June, a study visit to France had been organized by ADECIA for representatives from the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Association of the Potato Producers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Agriculture University of Andijan, State commission for testing of new varieties of agricultural crops as well as potato producers. During the visit, Uzbek Delegation studied the whole potato value chain starting from development of different potato varieties available in the French market to the process of production, storing, packaging and finally, selling on the market. The delegation met the North Committee which is specialized in research and varieties development and discussed the key tasks of the Committee as well as their control methodology. A visit to a storage unit near Bapaume was organized to learn about postharvest technologies used by local farmers. In addition, a visit tour had been organized to Rungis international market where all participants had a chance to study the market and exchange experiences with different French producers.

Another important development was the establishment of international networking through signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the French National federation of the potatoes plants producers and the Association of the Potato Producers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Feedback from the participants

Abduvosikova Lola, Andijan Agricultural Institute, teacher

“I have explored new things which I could not even imagine. Now, I know more about new varieties of potatoes which are developed for specific purposes e.g. for production of chips, canning or for puree.”

Mamasoliev Fahriddin, Head of Department, State commission for testing of new varieties of agricultural crops

“I have returned from the trip with positive impressions. It would be good in the following visits to organize meetings with variety testing and control institutions because these areas are quite developed in France.”

Mamasoliev Nurmukhamad, farmer-potato producer

“The trip helped me to broaden my theoretical and practical knowledge in potato production. I was impressed with the French agricultural system and I wish such trips are organized to help other farmers to learn more about European agricultural practices.”