Support to pomegranate processing in Syrdarya region

Families, as rural households, are the immediate users and managers of rural ecosystems at the subsistence level. Rural households are those closest to the environment and have the potential to play the primary role in sustainable agriculture. In this regard, rural households are the main driving force to support regional agriculture development strategy of Syrdarya region – further expand and develop the pomegranate production.

To support the government initiative to develop the pomegranate production, EU-funded Project “Sustainable Development in Rural Areas of Uzbekistan” introduced a Cooperative model to support the rural households who specialize in pomegranate production and processing.  Cooperative “Dehqonobod Asl Anori” has been established and started its operation with 30 members - dehkans in Dehkanabad village, Mirzabad district, Syrdarya region. To demonstrate the modern pomegranate production and post-harvest technologies, the Project has established pomegranate production/propagation orchard to introduce modern practices of commercial orchard management and a facility to extract 100% natural pomegranate juice which is intended for export. The juice extracting equipment was purchased from Austrian company “Kreuzmayr Machinery”. Company engineer supervised the installation of the equipment and provided training for technical specialists on further equipment operation and maintenance. The juice facility will start its first operation from the fall of 2018, pomegranate harvesting season. Furthermore, the facility will serve as a practical training platform for the students specialized on “Pomegranate production“ in Gulistan State University. Promote the development of rural organizations such as community-driven cooperatives to enhance investment in the active participation of vulnerable groups, including women, youth and indigenous people and rural communities is one of the key goals of the Project.