Study Trip for Building Capacity of Farmers

From 19 to 19 June, 2017 a study trip to Almaty (Kazakhstan) was organized for 9 representatives of farms and orchard entities of Jizzakh, Namangan and Fergana regions in order to take part in a seminar on “Integrated pest control for pome fruits and stone fruits”.

Participants of the training showed a keen interest in such issues as biological methods of pest control and struggle against garden diseases, innovative and scientific methods of pest control and their application.

In theoretical and practical classes Uzbek farmers improved their knowledge on the use of pesticides, fertilizers, and appropriate control measures, macro and micro elements essential for quality fruit tree production, as well as designing an annual fertilizing plan for both young trees and fruit-bearing trees based on locally available fertilizers.

In the second week of the training participants focused in particular on activities related to Harvest and Post-Harvest Management, i.e. 10 Principles of fruit harvest which include how to prepare for an efficient harvest. Moreover, farmers learned about fruit maturity measures to determine proper harvest timing and Post-Harvest handling of fruit and storage damage issues.

The training was conducted by the Education Centre "Сады Жетису Сервисез" Kazakhstan and Middle Earth Orchard Group. All theoretical classes were conducted by Patrick Brady and practical classes by his team of local instructors.