Cold Storage management and Fruit Storage Technologies

Training on “Cold Storage management and Fruit Storage Technologies” had been organized within the framework of EU-funded project "Sustainable Development in Rural Areas of Uzbekistan". The target audiences of the training were cold storage technicians, owners and managers as well as fresh fruit producers, processors and exporters. Mr. Johannes Spriensma, international expert from Netherlands, was invited to conduct 2 days training in Jizzakh and Ferghana regions from February 20 to 21.

The main goal of the training was to give an overview of different cold storage technologies and the best practices of cold storage management systems. Theoretical trainings were followed with practical master classes in the existing cold storages.

Following additional information were presented to the farmers:

  • Storage conditions of different fruit and their requirements  
  • Cold storages systems, from basic to most advanced  
  • Fruit pre-cooling requirements and its impact to longevity of the stored products  
  • Packaging requirement 
  • Effective management of cold storage space  
  • Preharvest and postharvest requirements 

All these information was well received by the participants and their further application will be followed up by the Project.

Furthermore participants were interested in different kinds of tools presented by the Expert:

  • Refractometer – brix (sugar) tester
  • Penetrometer – presser tester
  • Oxygen tester and etc.

As all these testers are must have tools in the cold storage, participants already sent their wishes to purchase these tools to the Project, whether it can be supported by the Project.

Copies of the presentations were distributed as hand-out to the participants.

All attendants were very keen to improve knowledge and develop their postharvest skills.