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Development of commodity value-chains associated with agro-food sector

In this respect, the Programme aims to develop value-chains within the selected product groups in:

Livestock subsector (dairy):

  • Milk Technology Transfer Centres in Kashkadarya
  • Promotion of Training and the Demo Dairy Farm in Andijan

Horticultural subsector (fruits, dried fruits and nuts):

  • Promotion of the Pomegranate Value Chain in Syrdarya
  • Comprehensive Modernization of Orchard Business Systems (cherry & pear) in Jizzakh
  • Enhancing the Marketability of Dried Fruits (apricot) in the Fergana Valley (Namangan)
  • Promotion of the Walnut Value Chain in Kashkadarya

Potato growing:

  • Potato Development Cluster in Fergana Valley


  • Preparation of pilot demonstration centres (procurement, technical advice and training of technical personnel)
  • Development of sustainable management models (organizational analysis, training and exchange of experience)
  • Dissemination of information (through field days/open days, handout materials etc.)


Upgraded skills and technology base of local economic players: agribusiness, farmers and SMEs

Efforts will be directed towards increasing quality of their services, technologies and promote knowledge dissemination. The content of the training will correspond to the above mentioned selected value chains, (for example, technologies for the production and processing of dairy products), and will comprise of:

  • Introduction of modern technologies and training on their application
  • Retraining of farmers and improvement of methods for processing agricultural products
  • Training of trainers (ToT) for intermediaries / service providers,

All training activities will be conducted at the pilot demonstration sites, as well as in farms and enterprises.


Strengthened rural economic planning expertise of regional and local authorities, policy makers

Actions of Component 3 will be closely related to the other Components. Thus, income generation through improved and market-oriented agro-food value chains will be further supported while strengthening the institutional capacity of local and regional authorities in maintaining a more focused joint development planning processes.


  • Increasing the capacity of regional and local authorities in rural planning for integrated rural development based on EU experience (training, exchange of experience, internships etc.)
  • Establishment of dialogue between the public and private sectors
  • Development of operational plans for the development of rural areas