Project Regions
Fergana, Andijan, Namangan, Jizzakh, Syrdarya, Kashkadarya
Income Generation
Development of agro-food value-chains: horticulture, dairy and potato
Capacity Building
Upgraded skills and technology base of local economic players: agribusiness, farmers and SMEs.
Institutional Strengthening
Strengthened rural economic planning expertise of regional and local authorities, policy makers 


Dairy Cattle Management Training in Andijan
Do you remember commercial about natural milk from a countryside? Or our grandmothers’ stories about good old times in rural area, when the milk was the most delicious in the world? It seems like...
Trainings in Ferghana Valley
During the last 10 days training on Post Harvest Management and Distribution was held in Namangan, Andijan and Ferghana. Seminars lasted for two days in each city. Together with the theoretical part...
Cooperatives Management Principles Training in Djizak
Many people associate the word “cooperative” with the old principles of work, which have lost their relevance. They do not expect that agricultural cooperative nowadays can become a new step,...


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